Friday, June 5, 2009

Theres a first time for everything...this ISNT the first time.

For those that dont know Im trying to get my cheer body back AND cheer again.
This is gonna be hard being that Im a fat piggy now, but nothing is impossible...
So this will be a blog about my progress and a food diary. Feel free to comment, and add tips, nothing mean though...if you're mean to me, I PROMISE you'll wish you hadnt been. You betta ask somebody, you dont wanna meet Dark Ally.

OK, so this is the VERY first day!
first days = short lived hype...Booo!
Encouragement needed!
Im fixin to eat breakfast...havent gone food shopping yet so Im having leftover collard greens and 2 boiled eggs.
can you say ghetto diet food??
I hope its good..we shall see...
Wish me luck!

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