Saturday, June 6, 2009

my theory

The ghetto diet food was actually really good, so good that I snacked on it later that night. Also I ate salad all day! whoo hoo!
Actually thats not good. Im well aware that I need to eat healthy foods all day to keep my metabolism going strong. I think Im going food shopping today as well!
I have also decided that Im not going to stress myself out with the change of eating and exercising. Well Im going to exercise everyday, but if I get tempted to eat something stupid and its gonna drive me crazy if I dont eat it then Im just gonna eat it. I think people go crazy like that doing diets. I've always done pretty good changing my eating habits its just that whole will power against cake and whatnot always sends me over the edge so if I want it Im gonna eat it, but Im not going to pig out on it.
My plan is this: If I want something sweet and its cake Im craving really bad then Im gonna eat like half a slice and then go for an apple real quick...see, win-win situation!
I had my first workout in the wee hours of the morning with LEEmar. He was no help. I think I may fire him as trainer and put him in charge of recording.
Now, just to let you know, I work at night so my days and times are kinda jacked up. So if you get confused with days and times thats why.

I worked out lastnight, and it was actually fun. Im sore now, but ready to get at it again.

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