Monday, June 8, 2009

pressing on...

Ok so...
I've been slackin on my bloggin and videos
Not on the workouts and proper eating...well I kinda slipped up on the eating, but I am burning mega calories, and stuff!
Had a good breakfast of eggs, lean bacon, greens, and salsa. Followed by some CARDIO SALSA!
The day before that I kinda pigged out @ Quiznos and I had a large roast beef and peppercorn sub thing on rosemary bread. Bad move, I know! But I went to the track and ran,walk,jogged it off so, there ya have it.
The day before that I had a hotdog at my niece's birthday party and I didnt exercise...I ended up falling asleep. Bleh!

A few little rough spots but Im still motivated!

Bout to eat an apple and do some free weights.

1 comment:

  1. Hey! It's Heather!!

    Good for you getting back into shape! You're really inspiring me! We have a treadmill, I'm just to busy and lazy to get on it! You're inspiring me though to get on it and start working out! I can't wait to see more updates! :)